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Souls Worn Thin is the contrivance vocalist/ guitarist Stephen Wayne.  Melodic rock/punk simmered in the grungy footprints of the Puget Sound. They deliver an almost tangibly PNW feel that vacillates between aggressive and cheeky. SWT offers a scathing rebuke of manufactured division permeating society with the same ferocity they rebuke craft beer.     
A three piece (for now), SWT drummer Josh White is a heavy hitting all out beast on the kit. Guitarist turned bass player Cody Sanders came into the fold about ten minutes before Souls Worn Thin headed to Magic Mix studio to record their debut album “Kill Your T.V.”     
While working on their sophmore album, SWT got the opportunity to open for Rise Against. Knocked out by the fact that there are still national acts that remember their own days at the local level and are willing to lend some stage time has left an indelible mark on SWT. Re-normalizing local openers is the goal. 
Their own local scene has a heavy influence on the guys. If they aren't playing, they are out supporting a fellow local band. The PNW music is experiencing a resurgence, the crowds are beginning to reflect the sense of community that created the historic pnw sound in the 90s. The music at times is a running commentary on the hyperdivision that permeates society, however, preaching a political agenda from the stage is an absolute NO for the SWT boys. There's no value in getting through the week, hitting up your local venue, and instead of catching a  great local band, you end up receiving a lengthy political campaign that will alienate half of the crowd. 

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