Souls Worn Thin at the Spanish Ballroom

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McMenamin's The Spanish Ballroom, 565 Broadway, Tacoma, WA

About Smoke M2D6 Smoke M2D6 Mathew Smokovich, also known as Smoke M2D6, is a multi-talented and highly respected professional in the music industry. As a sought after Hip Hop producer, audio engineer and recording artist, Smoke M2D6 wears many hats- and wears them well.

Since the late 90's Smoke M2D6 has contributed his signature style of epic and evocative beats, poly-rhythmic rhyme schemes and technical audio wizardry to over 100 commercial releases, including production for legendary Hip Hop and R&B artists such as Talib Kweli, Gregory Isaacs, and Devin the Dude to name a few. Smoke M2D6 instrumental beats appear regularly on MTV and were featured on "Loose Change: The 911 Conspiracy", the most watched internet video of all time.

Smoke M2D6's boundary-pushing musical production and Jedi-like audio engineering have earned him wide and enthusiastic artistic acclaim, as well as a host of awards including 2005 Red Bull 'Big Tune' Champion (Beat Battle in Seattle), and 2010 South Sound Producer of the Year (The Volcano, As an MC, Smoke M2D6 has toured the country, performing in all of the lower 48 states, and was one of the original founding members of Northwest super-crew OLDOMINION.

Smoke M2D6 produced the album All Your Friend's Friends for , a seminal Northwest Hip-Hop compilation album produced entirely off of samples pulled from the catalogue. Featuring over 30 of the most unique MCs from the region including members of mega-crews OLDOMINION and the SANDPEOPLE, the album also introduces a host of hidden talent from OLYMPIA, WA - 's sonic stomping ground.

About AKA AKA To web, AKA, sent the "wrong bio". Could I get this replaced please? I'm terribly sorry about this. Thanks. AKA- Is a 40 year Olympian who has been playing Music locally for 20+ years. His Blend of Conscious Hip hop and instrumentals from Smoke of Old Dominion provide for a very deep felt experience that leaves audiences feeling vulnerable yet safe. A formula AKA holds to the brightest of lights and makes him a local favorite, he tackles concepts that stand the test of time and always tend to have an overall positive yet not naive attitude to his approach. From up beat to down trot you will be certain to find a piece or two that will speak to you and the vibration frequency stays uplifting. His lyrics paint pictures with abstract cadence and lyrical landscapes. You will see the words take shape right in front of your ears and will leave with something tangible to take home with you.

About Souls Worn Thin Souls Worn Thin Souls Worn Thin is the contrivance of Stephen Wayne on vocals and guitar, Josh White, a heavy hitting all out beast on the kit, and guitarist turned bass player Cody Sanders. Souls Worn Thin recorded their debut album "Kill Your T.V.", which was released on September 15th, 2021. SWT is a three-piece rock group heavily influenced by the punk and grunge bands of their youth. They strive to bring back that energy to the stage, delivered with an almost tangible Pacific Northwest feel that vacillates between aggressive and cheeky. You'll recognize them immediately by their brand of melodic rock/punk simmered in the muddy footprints of the Puget Sound. The band has enjoyed success in the local area with over 30 shows from Portland to Seattle to Spokane and were recently featured as the 99.9 KISW Loud and Local Band of the Week in January of 2022. Outside the Puget Sound the group has been played in Las Vegas, NV with 92.3 KOMP, the Discover You Radio Show Denver, CO, and radio stations across the globe from Greece to Peru and Japan to Australia. So far, two songs from the album have been recognized by the Songwriters Association of Washington, with "Ain't No Life" and "Swarm" recognized as a "Finalist" and receiving and "Honorable Mention" consecutively. The local scene has a heavy influence on the guys. They try to get out to as many other local band's shows as often as they can. The scene took quite a beating during the last few garbage sauce years; but the band knows it's important to go to the shows, buy that band's t-shirt, and over-tip your bartender. The guys just finished their next album titled "Treason", which was recorded at Magic Mix Studios with the incomparable Daum Duo and is currently being master by the grammy award winning Howie Weinberg.

About Rachael Teixera Rachael Teixera In a world where cookie-cutter pop dominates the airwaves, Rachael Teixeira is a breath of fresh air. Her music is authentic, raw, and unapologetically real. As a multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and vocalist, she brings a unique blend of indie alternative flair and soulful, powerful vocals to her music. Her interest in unusual instruments and percussion adds a layer of depth and complexity to her sound, while her ability to craft thoughtful and nuanced lyrics sets her apart from the crowd. Whether she's performing solo or with her band, Rachael's music is a journey through the highs and lows of life, love, and everything in between.

About Lone Wolf and Kub Lone Wolf and Kub An aging and embattled ronin searching for his final fight discovers a sense of direction through travels with his son, a vicious micsmith just approaching top form. He is Shao Sosa, his son is Nobi. Together, they are Lone Wolf & Kub. Old tradition and wisdom guides the young assassin as the duo cut through stanzas fit for battle and reflection alike. The soundscape shifts from the tone of dubbed kung fu flicks and dusty samples to space age coliseums where furious synthesizers have replaced Roman horns. Witness the passion of the microphone controller change guard, from the darkest night into the dawn of a different tomorrow. Learn more at IG: @Ayoblasian @Shaososa @wolfkub509 Twitter: @ayoblasian @shaososa @wolfkub509 FB: @NobiSays @Shaososa @LoneWolfandKub

Advanced tickets $10, Day of Show $15